Whatever. A great word. A disclaimer against anything; a short, sharp and sweet linguistic up-yours. But it’s rough, too. Possesses a sharp bite, and in some circumstances causes foulness to reign over fairness.

So the other day, I was lamenting something. Whatevering it, really, which means to reduce something to insignificance by not making it my problem. The problem is, the problem remains my problem; whatevering it is simply a way of putting it under the bed to grumble, rather than facing it head-on.

Then, in a recent parking-lot epiphany, a new reality came to me: Water-ever. Now, what the hell is water-ever? Consider this: If asked what the most successful thing around is, what would you say? Dirt, cockroaches, money? I’m going to say water.

To start, we are water. If you’re able to read this, I don’t need to explain this to you. In addition to water forming the fabric of us, it can adapt to anything pertinent to our reality: any state, shape, or environment. Yeah, pretty darn successful.

Also, water is eternal. It was here before us, is us, and will be here after we’re gone.

So, if you put what we are (water) together with eternity (forever), you get water-ever.

Get it?

Next time I lament anything, get pissed off, hate the world and its injustices… water-ever, man. Yes, things aren’t always rosy, but if you can align your reaction with universal perspective (water-ever), you’re probably going to be a little happier than if you whatevered it.

So, here’s wishing you a water-ever day!

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