Prevailing modern narrative says that we should trade time to earn money to buy modified resources (stuff). The pattern is this: Produce and Earn, Consume and Spend. As a diagram, it’s simple to see this is circular (perhaps even viciously circular).

We live in a material age, based on a Materialist Economy (also known as a Fear Economy). For both rich and poor, the motivating force to make money is to avoid being without. This motivating force dictates our entire lives, as who would want to be without, be materially left behind, be unable to provide? By simply orienting a financial system based on our innate desire to not be without, so many have become blinded to things like compassion (and perhaps even humanity), focusing instead on ensuring a false sense of security for themselves and their accordant inner circles.

Modern narrative dictates that a character becomes a hero upon facing fear and overcoming it. In economic terms, this is a doozy: Overcome poverty, take care of basic necessities, and propel yourself to god-like status by having increased access to resources and stuff. Blinded by this narrative (taught to us from childhood), we erroneously accord respect and admiration to those who achieve this, and willfully ignore those trampled over to reach the top of the hill.

But it is stuff (and our desire for it) that’s killing us. Poisoning the air, the rivers, oceans, and environment. Killing curiosity, making us sedentary, turning us into couch-laden digital slaves desperately in need of consumer fixes. We’re increasingly ostracized from our own thoughts and minds, they so polluted by our desire to constantly obtain more that many feel they no longer know who or what they are.

Yes, in spite of the undoubted technical progress we’ve made as a species, we’ve done so at the expense of ourselves, instead creating digital surrogates that fail to satiate our endless search for meaning in a world that seems increasingly stripped of it. It goes without saying this isn’t a blanket case, and those that keep the bastion of truth flying should do so with even more vigor. But truth? one might ask. What does that mean? In an irrational world, may I put forth the concept of honor: Staying true to oneself in a progressive, intelligent manner that places humanity at the forefront of all actions and decisions, while at the same time cultivating creativity and sustainability whose intentions are to flood our world with a sense of collective existential belonging?

I wish you a nice day.

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