To call a modern truth, we exist more in flux than in control. It’s a confusing world, after all, the deluge of information dished up to us daily almost schizophrenic in character and detail.

To make sense of the rapidity of our lives, we are forced into ‘surrogates’ as a way to make sense of things. What I mean by ‘surrogates’ are the vessels of existence we choose as vehicles to administer validity and a sense of self. These could be your job, your family, your goals – you get the picture. In spite of how efficacious these may or may not be in affording meaning, they are a diversion from the grand totality of being, something we cannot possibly imagine without either returning to prehistoric ignorance or turning omniscient.

With this in mind, we need a ‘status quo’ – a common set of denominators – from which to qualify our surrogates. This means standards, cultures, rules – again, you get the picture. With these two created-devices in tow (surrogates and status quo), we have the requisite conditions to forge a well-meaning Illusion to live within.

I know some people will take exception to being told they live in an illusion, but that’s simply their (constructed) ego getting in the way. If you’re able to remove that – eliminate the apparent need for surrogates and status quo – you see how inconsequential your life really is, which for some is frankly terrifying. Yes, to peg one’s finite existence on this planet as anything other than godly can be mortifying, hence the reason surrogates and status quo are elevated to be the arbiters of ‘civil society’.

So, this Illusion… what does it mean? It means the carefully constructed economic model which dictates our lives, sold to us as culture, nationalism, identity, etc. It’s so pervasive that we cannot contemplate there being another way of living. You may term it Reality, and with it being so widespread it may be construed that way, but the Illusion part comes in when you’re duped into believing there’s no other way to live.

I’m no conspiracy theorist, and am not here to lament the state of things: I benefit from it as much as any. All I’m doing is terming it. And by terming it Illusion, that’s my cross to bear. Anyway, Illusion is the status quo, and with it being accepted from tip-to-toe, it means that everyone gets the chance to play it (Democracy, anyone?) in spite of it being rigged.

Success is How Well You Dress Illusion? This is a pretty simple concept. Take money, for example. It exists as a structure rather than a real thing, the invested power it contains belonging purely in the minds of its users. There are trillions of pieces of paper with ink printed on them the world over, so why should some be worth more than others? Because we’re taught to accept that if a note issued by a government for widespread economic use has a higher number printed on it, it’s worth more: it’s a simple, efficient way to dress Illusion. Another example is celebrity. I mean, what makes a person famous? How talented they are, how rich they are, how infamous they are, the size of their ass? It’s a classic case of bread-and-circuses, ascribing value and worth to cultural-pivots around which a smorgasbord of products and services can be sold and henceforth consumed. Again, dressing the Illusion.

At the heart of the Illusion are its residents, raised on an approximate diet of surrogates and status quo to keep the good ol’ wheel turning. At its base are The Materialists, the segment of the world population primarily concerned with consumption. To wit, think of an overweight, diabetes-ridden slob covered in sticky girly magazines either living for the delivery of his next assault rifle or wall-sized television. The Energizers are the ones bringing the products and services to The Materialists, an intelligent working-class equivalent who either due to moral-indoctrination or lack of capital find themselves lumped in this role with little chance at true social mobility. And then come The Causalists, a.k.a The Prime Movers. Due to their position at the Illusion’s helm, they can structure its elements at will, wielding their (illusory) control over an (illusory) realm via stockpiling (illusory) terms of wealth. They sit atop of the pyramid laughing, not so much at the illusory nature of being, but rather at those below them who either out of pure ignorance or flat-out denial can neither fathom or believe we live in a deliberately-fashioned Illusion.

The modern world has gone to immense efforts to detail and dress the Illusion, whether you reference the scale of astounding cities, the tapestry of time-and-space bending technologies, as well as consider art and music’s ability to whisk a subject away to realms that feel more real than this one. Yes, we’ve been draped in success – taught that’s all we’ve ever known – to the point that we’ve integrated ourselves entirely with it. And along the way we’d developed out-of-control egos, only to find ourselves in the darkest of hours lamenting what which we cannot pinpoint: the reality that we’re detached from our original natures, and might possibly never come to know them.

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