Salacious and fake.

The way people like the news, or so I hear. I’m a margins-type-a-guy, an info voyeur who chooses to keep sanity rather than pitfall into neurotic, liberal-massaged narratives calling bananas blue.

Anyway, the title of this post means nothing, which isn’t dissimilar to a lot of the headlines populating far grander media operations than my humble website. I choose not to delve into the life and times of Ms. Daniels, but may well keep the Flying Carpet bit on ice for future reincarnation. Anyway, enough rambling.

Liberals. Conservatives. In fact anyone stuck in the hole of bipartisan thinking. Life is a nuanced trip, far more complex than any of our brains and egos can contemplate. There is a world happening behind the headlines, a real one that while occasionally influenced by politics does not necessarily live for it.

Do I have a point? I may have, years ago, when I still felt reason would automatically instill itself as the sole arbiter of truth. I’m not so sure anymore, and unlike what seems like a good portion of humanity, my first instinct is not to verbally or textually slay Donald Trump.

What? You’re a Trump supporter!? No, I’m not. He’s part of many problems, as well as many solutions, according to whom you speak. He represents part of a political climate driven by far more powerful institutions than himself, a consolidated mass of divisiveness designed to usurp basic communication and in turn create hate-driven existential ghosts whose only semblance of self rises from identity politics.

Yes, the world does seem to have gone mad, mad to the point that commentary about it seems hopeless, terrifying. Instead of helping one another work towards a better world, we’re caught squabbling over soundbites, memes and hollow postulations offered by politics-on-conjunctivitis, the scraps of which are worn as skins by ‘professional’ and armchair pundits alike who inevitably sow more discord than anything, which is exactly what the resident puppet-masters are hoping for.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re on the the verge of a brave, brave new world, an environment not all that dissimilar to the earliest days of our species. What this means is that unless we act with awareness, honesty, and justice in regards to all the major issues facing the world (economic, social, climate, immigration and more), we are only going to complicate them and make things a whole lot smellier.




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