“Shooting at bulls-eyes for your kid’s food.”

Why are Podcasts all the rage now? I must admit, anything that gets too much press gets me scuttling away real fast, and the flurry of Podcast-aligned acclaim from friends and foe in recent years has been more a turn-off than anything. I guess it’s because I’m so busy all the time, I more often than not feeling like an axis around which a thousand responsibilities twirl about at any given moment. Yeah, real busy.

I’ve been getting into Joe Rogan’s stuff recently, courtesy of my best friend J’s continual talk of it. And man, it’s been a revelation. The art of Long Form – the idea of sitting down and digesting all that’s being said is a pleasure, at least in opposition to the soundbite/meme/brain fart version of reality offered up by the maelstrom of digital shit-valanches that sell the Social Media form. Really, I’ve had just about enough of the barely-articulate narrative provided by Short-Form interaction, the nadir (or pinnacle) of which is Twitter. I mean, in a world driven on denial-swallowing narcissism, why listen to or take on anything more than 140 characters?

Anyway, Podcasts are like elixirs to the digitized madness. To sit and listen to articulate, knowledgeable people speak about topics that veer clear of psychic toxicity is like music to jaded ears. While my experience with them has seen things like politics, corruption, and the general malaise being discussed, they’re usually wrestled with in an intelligent, non-partisan way, which is how I believe ALL analysis should occur. And to be safe in the knowledge that others exist whose sole purpose is NOT to take selfies or rack up ‘likes’ to fill in for actual self-esteem… what a cool breeze on a hot day!

Podcasts are awesome. In addition to these, there’s a whole lot more truth out there waiting to be discovered, stuff that’d resurrect millions of calcified pineal glands back to life. Heck, we might even as a species one day realize how much potential we actually embody when not wrapped up in social media deathtraps and/or gossipy shit-storms! Should this ever happen, perhaps even hubris can be transformed into happiness.

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