I’m not really a nihilist; in fact, I don’t know what a nihilist is supposed to be. I’m sure someone out there figures they’re clued-up enough to tell me, but I might not care to listen.

Magic is a real thing. Then social media happened. Yes, pouring false equivalence over any-and-everything in existence is a quick-fire way to cajole magic into the realms of ‘conspiratorial fallacy’.

Why do people take pictures of their food and upload them for the world to see?
Don’t they realize people have their own food to photograph?

I’ve lived most my life as an optimist. I’ll most definitely die a humorous realist.

No, I don’t care about the TV series you’re currently watching.

Give me stars (yes, those burning gas balls in the sky) over economic reports any day.

Why do you want the latest iPhone? Really, take a moment and reverse-engineer your entire existence while mulling over that question.

The most prevalent religions right now are Delusion, Narcissism and Denial.

You might think I’m too serious. I might think you’re boring. Do you care? I don’t. If you do, go for a run or something.

If she were alive, Ayn Rand might well spend an hour contemplating the notion of Semi-Enthusiasm. It really is a powerful glove to tickle your way through our mucky modernity.

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