Why anyone would want to perm their hair is a mystery. But if you ever do, ask the resident salon guru to pump these tunes full throttle.

  1. I Never Asked to be Your Mountain – Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley was a musical genius. His epic I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain is a colossal testament to his twenty-eight years on Earth. It’s laden with nuance, vision, and emotion – a real existential pendulum-swinger. So, why listen to this song while perming your hair? Well, you’re already perming your hair, so why the hell not?

  1. Ordinary World – Duran Duran

A hit tune from the 1990’s, Duran Duran’s Ordinary World is nothing ordinary. In fact, it sounds like a sleepwalker halfway between a dream and needing to pee. What has this seminal tune got to do with perming your hair? Who cares?

  1. For What it’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield

A Vietnam War song that’s easy to hum to. People don’t hum anymore. So, if you hum and perm your hair at the same time, you’ll be joining the hairstyling equivalent of the Mile-High Club.

  1. The End – The Doors

Apocalypse Now. Marlon Brando saying ‘…it’s judgment that defeats us.’ You’re obviously not worried about judgment, ‘cause you’re getting a perm. Think of this classic as the perm death knell anthem, as you’re essentially dropping napalm all over your appearance while getting it done.

  1. In the Summertime – Mungo Jerry

Is it a bird, a perm, a FRO? Mungo Jerry’s front man (Ray Dorset) is probably the coolest guy ever. In the Summertime is the happiest song around, and its good vibes should carry you through the debacle you’re allowing to happen atop your head.

So, whether you’re scaring away a lover, inducing a divorce, or just don’t possess a mirror, enjoy your perm, and make sure you listen to good music while getting it done!




  1. Believe in yourself: your life, talents, physicality, mentality and spirituality… unconditionally. If you cannot do this, you’re as good as dead.
  2. Listen to music you like, and dance to it as often as possible.
  3. Walk slowly. If you don’t know what I mean, try it.
  4. Treat animals with great respect. They’re often a lot kinder and more graceful than many people you meet.
  5. Accept things as they occur, and let the small stuff float away. As per the big stuff, use it wisely.
  6. Keep a routine of learning new languages. It’s like martial arts, but without the violence.
  7. Reserve your best love for your family. They’re the axis around which you experience the world.
  8. Avoid bright lights when possible.
  9. Write as often as you can.
  10. Accept that you’re going to die, and that everything until that moment is a gift of magnificent wonder.