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Imagine acupuncturing the Earth. Sticking two kilometer-high needles into cardinal points, which goes on to enact the healing of our planet. This was once mentioned to me by an elderly Taiwanese man in a park, it being his dream to realize this while still alive. Well, I’m no acupuncturist, nor do I claim to hold […]

Writing 101

True art is forging the unknowable into the known, only to have disseminated into so many parts that they form a mosaic of wordless beauty when put back together. Such is writing, which for me has been an everlasting love affair that’s taken on so many guises and roles in my life that it’d be […]

How to Start, Write, and Edit a Novel

How to start, write, and edit a novel? It’s a commonly asked question that answers itself: START, WRITE and EDIT! But for the sake of elaborating on what many consider to be a multi-faceted topic, let’s start with the basics.

Beyond Giving a Proverbial %^&*

In a dark, vile, sick world, where does solace lie? Does it sew itself in the fabric of transcendental becoming, the depths of hedonistic indulgence, or perhaps in the perfunctories of an average existence that befits the template of Corpocracy and Consumerism?

Beautiful Women in Elevators

It was the summer of 2014, and I’d just returned home from a trip to the supermarket to pick up some groceries. I’m sure my wife expected me to take all of fifteen minutes to accomplish this quite ordinary act, but ultimately I walked in through the door two hours later.