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“Shooting at bulls-eyes for your kid’s food.” Why are Podcasts all the rage now? I must admit, anything that gets too much press gets me scuttling away real fast, and the flurry of Podcast-aligned acclaim from friends and foe in recent years has been more a turn-off than anything. I guess it’s because I’m so […]

Coffee and Vampires

Vampires. A potent search word if you’re looking to direct traffic to your site. Coffee. An eternal friend, a hug for the soul. Do these elixirs of modern being have a link? Hell if I know, I’m just jooped up on caffeine and decided to see if I could write an article with them side-by-side. […]

Success is How Well You Dress Illusion

To call a modern truth, we exist more in flux than in control. It’s a confusing world, after all, the deluge of information dished up to us daily almost schizophrenic in character and detail. To make sense of the rapidity of our lives, we are forced into ‘surrogates’ as a way to make sense of […]