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The Freedom of Truth

Prevailing modern narrative says that we should trade time to earn money to buy modified resources (stuff). The pattern is this: Produce and Earn, Consume and Spend. As a diagram, it’s simple to see this is circular (perhaps even viciously circular). We live in a material age, based on a Materialist Economy (also known as […]

Sri Lanka

I’m married, but never went on honeymoon. We had a three-month old son when my wife and got hitched, and since then haven’t been able to squeeze in said event. What I’m eternally grateful for, however, is that we visited Sri Lanka once upon a merry time. We did so in September 2011. Having just […]

An Interview With Ernest Proust

(The following is a written transcript of the interview held between author Ernest Proust and interviewer Michael Rice, which took place at the Hotel Du Royal, Paris, on August 14th, 2017) Interviewer: Mr. Proust, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to grant us this interview today. Proust: It’s fine. Interviewer: Really, […]

Girl for a Day (On the Inside)

I’m a man. Well, at least on the outside. I actually prefer to think of myself as a boy wearing an adult male body, but that doesn’t bear relevance now. The only reason I’m stating my gender is to clarify that men are fully entitled to be a Girl for a Day (On the Inside). […]

Typhoon Soulik

(Pan Zhi Ming – English name Zachary – is a Hakkanese man who lived in the forested foothills of Miaoli County, Taiwan. What follows is a translated account of what happened to him and his wife the day Typhoon Soulik arrived.) Pacific summers: sweltering, wet, and mystical. It’s the season of climatic alchemy, the time […]


Whatever. A great word. A disclaimer against anything; a short, sharp and sweet linguistic up-yours. But it’s rough, too. Possesses a sharp bite, and in some circumstances causes foulness to reign over fairness. So the other day, I was lamenting something. Whatevering it, really, which means to reduce something to insignificance by not making it […]

Gorgeous, Dripping Truth

I was fourteen years old, sitting in my English classroom one Wednesday morning, goofing around with friends. Our young, female teacher that year was very idealistic, as well as quite hyper. She liked to talk, and that morning was no different. She got going about how happy she was, all because a relative unknown had […]


I traveled to Cambodia in the summer of 2009. I’d come from Japan, and was all about experiencing the opposite of the technological octopus I’d just visited. My flight left Taipei at ten in the morning, and I arrived at Phnom Penh International four hours later. Images of the mighty brown Mekong River were still […]

Puppies, and Kittens…

Puppies, and Kittens… Man, adverts. Everywhere you go, it’s impossible to escape their omnipresent gaze. Even in the smallest, darkest spaces, you can’t help getting caught out by a designer handbag billboard, an App-forwarded product hoard, or incur painful self-analysis upon encountering someone who appears to be a walking advert rather than an evolved bipedal. […]

Having Kids

To do, or not to do? This question riddles the minds of millions the world over, the idea that to propagate one’s love, the species, or to simply satiate familial or social pressure, one should find a way to bring another human being into the world. It’s a scary thing to read how the world’s […]