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Stormy Daniels and The Flying Carpet of Zormaggah

Salacious and fake. The way people like the news, or so I hear. I’m a margins-type-a-guy, an info voyeur who chooses to keep sanity rather than pitfall into neurotic, liberal-massaged narratives calling bananas blue. Anyway, the title of this post means nothing, which isn’t dissimilar to a lot of the headlines populating far grander media […]

Playground Blues

Windy, washy Wednesday afternoon. Sit at my computer screen, while away precious free minutes of my life. Blade Runner Blues meets Playground Love, the world an oyster glued shut. Who, where, when… doesnt matter. Why? No why? A writer – a true writer – is an escape from mediocrity. A light unseen, even to the […]

Confessions of a Semi-Enthusiastic Nihilist

I’m not really a nihilist; in fact, I don’t know what a nihilist is supposed to be. I’m sure someone out there figures they’re clued-up enough to tell me, but I might not care to listen. Magic is a real thing. Then social media happened. Yes, pouring false equivalence over any-and-everything in existence is a […]

Five Songs For Getting A Perm

Why anyone would want to perm their hair is a mystery. But if you ever do, ask the resident salon guru to pump these tunes full throttle. I Never Asked to be Your Mountain – Tim Buckley Tim Buckley was a musical genius. His epic I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain is a colossal […]


What is success? Some think money, some think fame. Others think health, perhaps even notoriety. In the fading light of this Tuesday eve, I humbly propose that success is truth – the truth of being alive, the love of those around you, acknowledgement of this beautiful planet we live on. To be successful is to […]

Review: The Wild Sheep Chase

It was a Wednesday, and the light around me intimated childhood, its soft rays falling like whispers of eiderdown. I’d been wandering around the gorgeous Himalayan village of Manali, northern India, when I came across a book shop. Being an illustriously beautiful day, I thought ‘Hey, why not get something to read’? A chime rang […]

The Eyes

It happens every night. Every night in my dreams. At first I dream normally, and then it goes dark and I see them. The eyes. They are sometimes red, sometimes yellow, and sometimes blue. It always starts with me at the end of a hallway. I turn back and see them in the dark. They […]

10 Tips For Living

Believe in yourself: your life, talents, physicality, mentality and spirituality… unconditionally. If you cannot do this, you’re as good as dead. Listen to music you like, and dance to it as often as possible. Walk slowly. If you don’t know what I mean, try it. Treat animals with great respect. They’re often a lot kinder […]

Review: Blade Runner 2049

This movie is two hours and forty-four minutes long. I needed the bathroom for the final ninety minutes, but could simply not leave my seat. Welcome to Earth, à la 2049. Consumption has left the planet a shadow of its former self, ecosystems having been annihilated en masse. What grim, leftover placenta remains is painted […]

Wolves of the Altai

The only thing I’ve ever wanted to do is travel. From the moment I first saw an image of Machu Picchu, I’ve committed my life to it. There have obviously been challenges to my lifelong passion: funds, as well as the fact that I’m female. But I’ve always found a way, and I can say […]